Quick Reference Guide to Accomplish® LM, Titan® XC & Extract PBA 

info_kit_thumb.jpgAccomplish LM, Titan XC and Extract PBA are biocatalyst technologies that work with a grower's fertility program to maximize nutrient availability and uptake for optimum plant performance. 

This one-page quick reference guide provides at-a-glance information on each product, including key benefits, uses and rate, and where to find useful resources such as videos, labels and product studies. 

Products covered:

  • Accomplish® LM (biocatalyst for use with liquid fertilizers, manures and other broadcast applications)
  • Extract Powered by Accomplish™ (biocatalyst for nutrient release from crop residue and the soil)
  • Titan® XC (biocatalyst for use with dry fertilizer blends)

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